There is no institution on earth more equipped or more capable of bringing transformation to the cause of reconciliation than the Church.

Words of wisdom to the next generation from a pioneer of the civil rights movement

John M. Perkins was born in Mississippi in the 1930s into a sharecropping family and lived through the hate-filled and tumultuous decades thereafter. He has dedicated his life to biblical reconciliation. Now, at age 87, he entrusts the church with the truths he wants us to know while there’s still time. 

One Blood looks at everything from lament and forgiveness to racial tensions and mutual fear. You’ll learn why "racial reconciliation" isn’t the goal. And most importantly, you’ll learn how to walk forward on the path toward oneness in Christ.

As racial tensions rise, the world needs the church to lead now more than ever. But true leadership starts with listening.

Let’s gather round and lean in as wisdom speaks.